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LED lamp replacement and precautions


One: maintenance management

There are three replacement methods for LED lamps as follows, and different replacement methods are selected according to different situations:

1: Individual replacement method

The lamps are replaced as long as they are not on. This method is suitable for small lighting equipment and convenient replacement occasions.

2: collective replacement method

Even if the lamps are not lit, they will not be replaced if the planned replacement time is not reached, or the number of lamps has not reached a certain level. This is suitable for a large number of lamps, even if there are lamps that are not lit, it will not have much impact, or the replacement is inconvenient. the place

3: Individual collective replacement method

Replace the lamps when they are not on, but replace them all when the number of non-lighting lamps tends to increase. There is no impact on the visual environment, and the overall replacement can be carried out in a planned way.

2: Precautions for daily operation

1. If the lighting place is temporarily powered off, the switch of the lighting appliance should be turned off, and then turned on after the power supply is normal, so as to avoid excessive impact on the electrical appliance caused by sudden power supply.

2. When multiple groups of lighting appliances are turned on, the switches should be turned on respectively. Do not control too many lamps or too large lighting areas through one group of controls, which will also cause shocks when switching on and off.

3. When the lighting place is working normally, avoid the temporary use of high-power and high-power power-consuming equipment. When such equipment is switched on and off, it will have a very large impact on the lamps and lanterns.

4. Detect and control the power supply voltage to prevent the voltage from being too high or too low, which will affect the normal working life of the lamps and damage the lamps in serious cases.

5. Pay attention to the ventilation of the lamp installation area and clean it regularly. When cleaning, observe whether the ventilation or ventilation holes are blocked.