Bochuang is a professional manufacturer that integrates the development, design and production of fine ceramics.



Nantong Bochuang Fine Ceramics Co. Ltd,

  Nantong Bochuang Fine Ceramics Co. Ltd, founded in 1975 is a professional manufacturer that integrates the development.design and production of fine ceramics and that has more than 40 years of production experience,
  Our company focuses on the production of various ceramic ignitors (Production is carried out by using special formula, which can effectively control electric leakage.),fuse protector ceramic tube (high precision; we also have such three materials as 95 aluminium oxide.aluminum zirconate, and magnesium oxide for customer selection).ceramic parts and components for electronic and electrical machinery, various ceramic lampholders, lampholders and other series.So far our products have obtained the ROHS certification, and some lamp bases and lampholders have obtained the UL and CE international safety certification.
  Yao Jian, the responsible person of Bochuang has paid high attention to product innovation and the automation of production equipment. According to market need.Bochuang has developed various colored porcelain (black, coffee, cream-coloured, rose-bengal, apple green) which makes the ceramics color no longer white only.
  For years, our company has kept inputting advanced production equipment and realized the automation of some working processes.In this way.we have solved the labour problem whilst effectively controlling product quality.
  Making ceaseless effort in pursuit of excellence and advancing with the times to march toward the future.Bochuang would like to work hand in hand with you toward brilliance.