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LED intelligent lighting quickly integrates into the hot internet of things market.


LED intelligent lighting quickly integrates into the hot internet of things market.

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In 2017, China's urban lighting construction has entered a track of accelerated development. Xiamen, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Hefei, Xi'an, Wuhan and Ningbo have
In 2017, China's urban lighting construction has entered a track of accelerated development. Xiamen, Guangzhou,Fuzhou, Hefei, Xi'an.Wuhan and Ningbo have successively invested in budgets, and are committed to upgrading the urban nightscape and improving the satisfaction of the broad masses of the people. In addition, vigorously develop the night scene economy, you can meet the Chinese city night scene will be greatly enhanced in this wave of promotion. According to Xuanzhi Media statistics,the special funds for urban landscape projects currently under construction and ready for construction exceed 50 billion yuan,
At the same time, after the rise of the concept of "Internet of Things", people's imagination of smart cities has never stopped. In the field of LEDs, smart connected lighting is affecting human life and social changes at an alarming rate, triggering a new round of development. Under the popular concept,the powerful enterprises have entered the field of smart cities. Under the Internet era. various concepts are surging, and the development of the industry is impetuous,but what we want to see is the real effort of the line. In smart cities, LED companies need to explore and practice on the ground, and truly use the power of science and technology to make the user feel the convenience of smart interconnection, which is the original intention and core concept of “smart city”.At this point, we look forward to providing the industry with value for reference.
On August 4, 2017, one year later, sponsored by City Optical Network (www.urbanlight.cn), Jiangsu Lighting Society, Nanjing Lighting Society, Guangdong Lighting Association.Guangdong South Network Energy Guangya Lighting Research Institute. Nanjing Luguang Institute. Shanghai Cityscape Landscape Affairs Center, Shenyang Cityscape Landscape Facilities Management Center, Guangzhou Lighting Construction Management Center and Fuzhou Outdoor Advertising and Lighting Nightscape Construction Management Office, etc.2017 City hosted by Guangzhou Xuanzhi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The Lighting Forum and Smart Lighting Development and Application Conference will be held again in Nanjing. In 2017, Xuanzhi City Lighting Forum has passed through Fuzhou, Shenyang and Shanghai, and has received enthusiastic response.
It is reported that Shen Ru, vice chairman and secretary general of Nanjing Lighting Society, Huang Liben, marketing director of Jiangbei New District, Nanjing Street Light Management Office, Mu Jianjiang, chairman of Zhejiang Creative Technology, Yang Yusheng, general manager of Jiangsu Pinzheng Optoelectronics, and Delos Industrial, Guangdong Guests such as lighting will interpret the relationship between “light”, “wisdom” and “culture” in the future city with a more macro vision and perspective, and the changes in industry and market will seek new opportunities for the development of the current urban lighting industry.
As the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, Nanjing has promoted the development and upgrading of urban lighting through the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, especially the construction of new towns in Jiangbei New District, which has brought an opportunity for urban lighting improvement in Nanjing. This time, I chose Nanjing to invite leaders of Nanjing Municipal Landscape Management Unit, Industry Association and Lighting Engineering Company as guests to take the application of lighting in smart cities as an entry point, market and policy analysis, effect and application evaluation, technology and product discussion on LED lighting. For the LED lighting industry's technological progress, market development to do a comprehensive discussion, especially under the guidance of smart city ideas, LED lighting and intelligent systems, intelligent lighting technology to explore how private capital through PPP participation in project construction and other issues to exchange.
Digitalization and intelligence have become an important direction and field of technological development today. Intelligent+ has gradually penetrated into all walks of life and has gradually become the center of today's cultural form, presenting a new round of cultural ecology. As Xuanzhi Media CEO Liu Jun said, “LED companies are actively grabbing new opportunities in this era and promoting the intelligent transformation of enterprises, Lighting in the context of big data as a member of the smart city is also ushered in huge business opportunities. ."
To cope with the complex industrial environment situation, economic situation, industry deep adjustment and market competition test and challenge, enterprises must be superior in strategic thinking, system construction ability, integration ability, operation mode, etc., and win the right to speak.