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Display screen and backlight applications are being introduced, and Mini LED is poised for being launched.


Display screen and backlight applications are being introduced, and Mini LED is poised for being launched.

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The new generation display technology Micro LED is attracting attention. However, before the Micro LED officially enters the commercial mass production stage, the Mini LED with lower technical
The new generation display technology Micro LED is attracting attention. However, before the Micro LED officially enters the commercial mass production stage, the Mini LED with lower technical threshold will start running. It is reported that the panel industry and the LED factory have already started cooperation. In the initial stage, they may first import from the two applications of display screen and TV panel backlight, and launch a super small-pitch display, as well as ultra-power-saving and ultra-thin direct-type Mini LED-backlit TV panel. .
According to the industry, if the Mini LED is used as the backlight of the TV panel and the direct-type design,it can be made into local dimming, which will have better uniformity of light transmission and higher contrast than the general edge-lit backlight. Contrast Ratio) and more light and dark details. Compared with OLED panels, LCD panels with Mini LED backlight design have better color rendering, but the thickness can be the same as OLED.
At present, the Taiwanese panel factory is relatively leading in the development of Mini LED backlight technology. It is expected that the next year. CES may have TV products using Mini LED backlight technology. Although Mini LED is regarded as the medium-term strategy of Micro LED's new generation display technology, it will not be a new business opportunity for related supply chain manufacturers.
For Taiwanese LED chip manufacturers such as Jingdian and Ronda, which have mature RGB LED and CSP LED chip mass production capabilities. Mini LED is a new market worth looking forward to for panel backlighting or super small pitch display.
In terms of TV panels, the edge-lit backlight design now requires only a few 10 high-brightness LEDs, and the backlight of the mobile phone requires only 25 LEDs. However, if converted to a Mini LED, the number of backlight LEDs on the TV panel can be increased to tens of thousands. The number of LED backlights required for a 5-inch mobile phone panel is 9,000 to 10,000.
As for the display application, the current RGB LED shipments used by the company for display every month amount to 300 KK sets, and the number of RGB LEDs used for display screens every month in the world is as high as 10,000 to 20,000 sets, in other words, As a potential market, the Mini LED also has a lot of room to play on the display.
For the TFT LCD panel factory whose technology has entered the mature stage, especially the Taiwan panel factory, since the development of AMOLED display technology has been relatively backward, it utilizes the existing TFT LCD technology foundation and combines the same mature RGB LED technology. Introducing a panel with a new generation of backlight design, its power saving effect, image quality and thickness can be compared with AMOLED, and the color rendering and cost advantages can surpass AMOLED, and it is easy to import the already-produced shaped cutting and surface display. Therefore, it is an opportunity anyway.
Outreach Taiwanese panel makers including AUO and Innolux have already started to invest in Mini LED backlight design new products. Whether Mini LED-backlit LCD can become a new weapon for Taiwanese and AMOLED. it is worthy of continuous attention.